PreNup Pops – What the hell is that?!

What's good fam? If you are looking for a lame a$$ blog about being a simp dad, you are in the wrong place. For real bruh, this blog is for my "G's" that bust they a$$ to raise kids in a not so traditional household. If you are living with your woman, and support her in some parenting capacity, but not... Continue Reading →

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I Almost Went to Prison…for being a Dad!

               It's finally here! Ain't Nobody Coming is a must read for fathers, and prenuptial parents who seek an honest reflection of the demanding realities of blended parenthood. My G, I'm not a violent dude. As a matter of fact, I stay clear of sucka n!gg@s, just so I don't get... Continue Reading →

When Love is Not Enough…

Most of my post focus on the entire fam. What I've come to realize is that the parent relationship in a blended household is the most important relationship in house. You can work as hard as you want to ensure that the kids are adjusting well, or that the non-custodial parents are involved, or the... Continue Reading →

So “you” really DON’T want to get married?!

As much as I believe that PreNuptial families are just as legitimate as marital families, I still want to be married - "we" want to get married! It's not my plan to "shack" up with my fiance forever! I believe in the tradition, and sanctity of holy matrimony. I have always communicated to my fiance my... Continue Reading →

Why I left my “Wife…!”

First off, I didn't leave my wife to be with my "side chic!" I want to get that ish straight off the top. Secondly, my marriage was "done" long before I got involved with my then "side chic" who is now my fiance. Third, my happiness, and who I chose to be with is my... Continue Reading →

5 Signs she still loves “Baby Daddy!”

  If you are one of those dudes that believe every thing your lady tells you, this post might f@%k your life up! So, only read this joint if you have the balls to accept, and deal with some real ish in your relationship. My OG's taught me that the #1 Rule as a man... Continue Reading →

“…is the Side Chic SEX better than Wifey’s or not?”

I've been contemplating for a minute this idea that sex from the side chic is way, way, way better than with wifey. I know a lot of My G's would never have a public conversation about this, but trust me we talk about that s#%t all the time. It's one of the reasons that dudes... Continue Reading →

Honestly, I Learned the “Game” From My Dad! – ijs!!!

A couple of weeks ago my sister and lil brother came by the house for a visit. It was a pleasant night, so we sat outside and chopped it up until like 2 in the morning. My Sister is my step mom's daughter, and my lil bro is my dad's joint from the same mom... Continue Reading →

Bruh…you Wife’d the Side Chic?!

I don't really have any clever intros for the topic of this blog. It sort of speaks for itself. I know a lot of my Homies want to ask me the "infamous" question, but don't want to insult nor disrespect me if in fact I really love my lady. The craziness is that at some... Continue Reading →

A Good Man!

I woke up feeling solemn this morning. I didn't know how many kids from my previous marriage I would hear from today. I'm not on the best terms with any of my adult kids, and my middle daughter doesn't speak to me at all. It's tough because I've always attempted to separate my issues with... Continue Reading →

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