#PreNupPops.com – It’s Official!

Well it's official! We've moved to our new home prenuppops.com! I'm so excited about expanding our blog to a full eCommerce website! We've been grindin hard creating content on multiple social-media platforms to build our brand, and champion the cause for cohabitational blended fams! It's been a rewarding year. That's why I want you to... Continue Reading →

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PreNup Pops – What the hell is that?!

What's good fam? If you are looking for a lame a$$ blog about being a simp dad, you are in the wrong place. For real bruh, this blog is for my "G's" that bust they a$$ to raise kids in a not so traditional household. If you are living with your woman, and support her in some parenting capacity, but not... Continue Reading →

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Don’t Judge Me…You’re Raising Another Dude’s Kid Too!

I was traveling with my Pops the other night to pick up my oldest son from college. Traffic was super crazy, so I had time to get some work done! While I was scheduling my posts, Pops and I got into a “real” discussion about “cohabitational” fatherhood. As we were talking I realized that “cohabitational”... Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Child Support Is Used As Revenge!

I was married for 17 years! I've known my ex-wife for more than 20 years. We have [5] kids together. I held it down for my fam the entire time we were married. I'm a hard worker, and believe supporting the kids financially is a father's responsibility - for the most part! My ex-wife didn't... Continue Reading →

I Almost Went to Prison…for being a Dad!

               It's finally here! Ain't Nobody Coming is a must read for fathers, and prenuptial parents who seek an honest reflection of the demanding realities of blended parenthood. My G, I'm not a violent dude. As a matter of fact, I stay clear of sucka n!gg@s, just so I don't get... Continue Reading →

When Love is Not Enough…

Most of my post focus on the entire fam. What I've come to realize is that the parent relationship in a blended household is the most important relationship in house. You can work as hard as you want to ensure that the kids are adjusting well, or that the non-custodial parents are involved, or the... Continue Reading →

So “you” really DON’T want to get married?!

As much as I believe that PreNuptial families are just as legitimate as marital families, I still want to be married - "we" want to get married! It's not my plan to "shack" up with my fiance forever! I believe in the tradition, and sanctity of holy matrimony. I have always communicated to my fiance my... Continue Reading →

Why I left my “Wife…!”

First off, I didn't leave my wife to be with my "side chic!" I want to get that ish straight off the top. Secondly, my marriage was "done" long before I got involved with my then "side chic" who is now my fiance. Third, my happiness, and who I chose to be with is my... Continue Reading →

5 Signs she still loves “Baby Daddy!”

  If you are one of those dudes that believe every thing your lady tells you, this post might f@%k your life up! So, only read this joint if you have the balls to accept, and deal with some real ish in your relationship. My OG's taught me that the #1 Rule as a man... Continue Reading →

“…is the Side Chic SEX better than Wifey’s or not?”

I've been contemplating for a minute this idea that sex from the side chic is way, way, way better than with wifey. I know a lot of My G's would never have a public conversation about this, but trust me we talk about that s#%t all the time. It's one of the reasons that dudes... Continue Reading →

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