PreNup Pops – What the hell is that?!

What's good fam? If you are looking for a lame a$$ blog about being a simp dad, you are in the wrong place. For real bruh, this blog is for my "G's" that bust they a$$ to raise kids in a not so traditional household. If you are living with your woman, and support her in some parenting capacity, but not... Continue Reading →

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A Good Man!

I woke up feeling solemn this morning. I didn't know how many kids from my previous marriage I would hear from today. I'm not on the best terms with any of my adult kids, and my middle daughter doesn't speak to me at all. It's tough because I've always attempted to separate my issues with... Continue Reading →

I See You…But It’s OK Now!

DADS...if you're dealing with baby momz craziness, remember that there is only so much time you have with your kids. Don't allow ANYONE, including your kid's momz to hinder your relationship with YOUR kids. I know it maybe difficult because it seems like no one understands your pain as a man, and that's mostly the... Continue Reading →

It Does Get Better…Trust Me!

It can be difficult as a PreNup Pops to see your lady deal with baby daddy craziness. To keep it one hun'ed I'm still not Gucci with my lady 'fussin'" with any of her kid's dads. I know ish comes up from time to time, but after a couple of years of co-parenting I can't... Continue Reading →

Dad!…you gotta love yourself first!

Loving yourself is a critical aspect to self care. Too many times we as men don't take the time to care for ourselves. We love to appear invincible, and never like to admit that we get depleted too! My G, we have to be real about our longevity as men and fathers as well. There... Continue Reading →

Did I Go too Far?!

My oldest step seedlings has been having some issues with bullying at school. When I was first notified of the issue I was upset, but I didn't want my fiance to go "overboard" with her emotions. You know how black momz can be when it comes to someone messing with their kids. So in my... Continue Reading →

Does “Shackin” Up Hurt Blended Families?

Let me first off say that I don't ascribe to any cohabitational living as "shackin' up." I do have to admit that in my former days of ministry I did my share of condemning people who lived together as a couple without being married. So it's fitting that I am currently living with my fiance... Continue Reading →

Toxic Communication

I'm sure every family has dealt with poor communication issues. When you're in a blended family communication habits from past relationships can severely hinder the blending process. Moreover having arguments as a cohabitation couple can be quite treacherous. You kinda don't know how far is too far until well, you've gone too far! When you're... Continue Reading →

So Now What! – Are We Blended or Nah?!

When the word "Blended" is used to describe a family what does that really mean? Why is it still necessary to use special titles to describe what is obvious. Are labels just a convenient way to perpetuate prejudice? Like for real, what are all the labels really about? I was dropping off my girls this... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Gotta “Fall Back!”

Man listen, I just need you to feel me on this right here! Have you ever felt exhausted as a PreNup Pops? I'm talking about that drained feeling even after a full night of sleep.  Lately my fiance and I have been going at it so much that I literally feel physically drained. I'm a pretty... Continue Reading →

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